Unique design philosophy of 27UNIT

Any interior should be functional, stylish and free from redundant elements.

Design creates comfort and pleasure for You when You make use of the premises. Qualitative and clever design attracts attention to what we want to emphasize in the interior and distracts from what should be concealed. Correctly designed space easily fulfils the function which was set up when the design was developed, just makes it the optimum.

You will be heard in 27UNIT, we will propose You the options that embody all Your expectations and ideas. Great attention will be paid to Your most ingenious wishes – indeed, they make the spice of the interior most often than not.

Professionalism and experience of 27UNIT team reveal itself both in a careful approach to Your project and in the desire to implement the tiniest details of Your interior with high quality so as to make the integral and unique design.

The best client of 27UNIT

The best client is an extraordinary personality who expects interesting and unique design solutions.

It is what You can get in 27Unit.
Interior is created for Your successful work and comfortable life – that’s our goal.